THC & Marijuana Detox Drinks That Work

If you are someone that’s about to undergo a drug test and you want to get rid of THC from your system, you can’t depend on the natural detox process. The natural process can take one month to six weeks, in order to completely remove the drug from the system.  The length that THC stays in a person’s system will vary and will depend on their metabolism and how heavily they used. Marijuana detox drinks are designed to help remove the drug in a person’s system, quickly. Which means they’ll test negative for THC during a urine or blood test.

Cleansing Your System of THC

marijuana detox drinks green vileDepending on some of the factors mentioned above, the body can take four to ninety days to completely remove THC.  When it comes to a blood test, THC can remain in the blood even after a period of six months.

There are a number of cannabis detoxification drink and pills that are available on the market. Basic detox drinks may not entirely get rid of the THC in your system. Manufacturers of these supplements claim these beverages can remove THC 100% of the time. These drinks contain herbal cleansers, vitamins and minerals. Most manufacturers also state that the ingredients that are used in cannabis detoxifying refreshments can make THC undetectable in the system indefinitely and can also remove other toxins commonly found in the body. Some products out there will simply mask the chemical THC and will only do so for a period of one to three days, varying from person to person.

The Cost of Cleansing Products

detoxing productsThe price of these drinks and kits can range from $20 to $80, depending on whether the product is designed to help a person pass a saliva, blood or urine test. The price is also based on the ingredients and brand. The minimum time it can take to get rid of THC is three to four days. The time can vary based on the strength of the product.

People who are interested in a complete detoxation, in addition to passing urine and blood tests should do some research in order to find the right hemp detoxifying liquids, which can actually remove the chemical and not just mask it.

Customer reviews can play a big part when it comes to selecting a quality product. Most customers think that the higher the cost of a product the better the quality and effectiveness. But customer reviews for these drinks have proven that even high priced products may not help when it comes to passing the hair test. When it comes to a hair test, it’s recommended that you use detox shampoo products.

What Else You Can Do to Clean Out Your System

Clean-Out-Your-SystemSome studies have shown that THC can be cleansed from the body using a natural detoxification process that consists of changes in both diet and exercise for one month, as long as the person is not significantly obese and is in good health.

In extreme cases, marijuana can stay in your urine and blood for up to four months, depending on body fat and toxin levels. If a person weighs more than two hundred pounds or they have a high body fat percentage it can take longer to get clean through a natural cleansing process.

THC can stay in hair follicles for up to a year, but your average testing lab will only test for the last three months of hair growth when hair is tested. A lab is unable to test body hair or head hair if the hair on the head is too short.

A urinalysis is the most common type of drug test used to detect THC. This type of test accounts for about seventy five percent of drug tests while blood and hair tests make up twenty four percent and saliva based tests making up the last percent.

If you need to clean out your system in a few days or less you can always use a temporary flush or cleanser that removes the toxins from the body. These methods work by targeting the urinary tract and bladder in order to eliminate and flush out the metabolites from the organs, which gives you about six hours to provide a clean sample. Eventually, the metabolites in your system will slowly make their way back into the bladder as the body naturally cleanses itself, reintroducing the THC back into the urine. A same day cleansing plan works as long as you buy the right product. These products can be ordered over the phone or online and can be shipped overnight.

Thirty Day THC Cleanse

THC CleanseThis process takes the average person one month, however, it can also depend on your overall health, toxin levels and metabolism. To start, increase your water intake. Staying hydrated keeps the body healthy, which is one of the most important things to do when you’re trying to get your body to use resources to cleanse. THC is fat soluble, which means it can be stored in fat cells. The more body fat you have the longer it will take you to detox. Start exercising regularly. The cardio and weight lifting will help to speed up the metabolism and burn more fat.

Increase your leafy green intake. Veggies such as chard, spinach, broccoli and kale are high in minerals like iron. These veggies contain nutrients that are essential for boosting the metabolism.

Don’t forget to test yourself weekly. Purchase a home test kit from your local pharmacy or order one online to confirm you’re clean. Nothing can be more embarrassing than failing a drug test at work or when applying for a new job. So save yourself the embarrassment and get started with Marijuana Detox Drinks now. Stay on top of this process until you get a clean result, even if you’ve been doing the cleanse for more than a month. You’ll need to be patient and remain focused. Often, the length of time it takes to get clean from marijuana is what discourages some smokers from quitting.