Marijuana Testing Kits For Detox

For someone needing to detox THC from their system due to an upcoming drug test, there are a few different options that can be effective and one of the most popular is known as marijuana detox kits. It is designed to help a person pass a drug test and they typically consist of a two-step process. This process involves both pills and a detox drink.  These pills are known as fat flush capsules and work by flushing out the system so that all illegal substances are eliminated.

A Look Inside THC Cleanse Tool

marijuana-detox-kitsWhen it comes to detox kits that actually work, one of the most popular options is a kit produced by a company known as Test Clear. The pills and detox drink in this kit are considered to be effective and high quality. When shopping for cannabis detoxification kits, always be sure to do research, as there are a number of online vendors that will sell kits that are ineffective. Because of this, always be sure to read about customer experiences and reviews, in order to determine if the product is legitimate.

Most kits will contain a mixture of such compounds as charcoal, vitamin C, vinegar, goldenseal, herbal teas and lecithin.  Current research has shown that none of these vitamins or herbs can speed up the detox process of eliminating THC toxins from the body.  In addition, while some hemp detoxifying kits can contain ingredients that will mask THC, resulting in negative test results, although most professional drug labs will also test a person’s blood or urine for these compounds and then rule out the results of the test. It’s also important to keep in mind that the level of such compounds can fluctuate in the urine, ever over the course of one day. So while a person might pass a drug test on one day they can fail a test on the next day.

Do These Detoxifying Methods Really Work?

detoxifying-methodsHowever, there is some good news. Urine tests used to test for THC can detect marijuana in the urine for only up to ninety days. Most smokers, even daily users, can flush out their system in as little as a month. But it’s important to keep in mind that there are a variety of factors that can affect drug metabolism, such as the strength and quality of the marijuana, the frequency of use and the length of use. The kind of test used can also determine whether or not you pass.

So if you’re serious about quitting or you simply plan on looking for a new job, play it safe and quit smoking a few months in advance. The odds are you’ll test clean after just a few weeks, but to be sure, test yourself frequently using home THC drug test kits, which you can find at your local pharmacy or online.

Truth About Cleansing THC

cleansing-thcIf you’re doing your research then you have probably stumbled upon countless home remedies that guarantee you can clean your system out in as little as a few days to one week. And with so many options to choose from and probably not much time to waste, it can be difficult to weed out (pun intended) the remedies that actually work and ones that are simply good for your overall health.

Let’s start off with the GNC remedy drinks. Most avid smokers purchase herbal drinks available at this specific supplement chain, thinking the product will work exactly as promised, never mind that it’s not FDA approved. Surprisingly, GNC has never been sued for false advertising, but in reality, these herbal mixtures won’t clean out your system, they’ll just probably make you feel a little better thanks to that extra dose of vitamin B12. Don’t use remedies sold at this store as your go-to solution.

If you’ve considered adding adulterants such as hydrogen peroxide or bleach to your urine test, thinking it’ll cause mixed results, think again. Most drug companies have caught on to people adding certain chemicals to urine tests and now actually test for these adulterants.

How Detoxification Works

A detox drink can help in a couple of ways through balancing PH levels by adding creatine and the change in urine color thanks to the high B12 content, the rest is just dilution that can lower the THC levels below the fifty milligram cutoff. These drinks are more recommended for light smokers and possibly for moderate smokers, under the right conditions.

THC is the only drug that’s not water soluble and it heads directly to the fat cells and will stay there until they naturally die or you burn them off, both processes can take one to two months.

thc-cleansing-drinkSo your best bet is to stay hydrated and exercise regularly. Eat a diet that’s high in fiber and add some Metamucil to your regimen every other day to keep your bowels moving.

A few days before your test, quit exercising and switch to a diet that’s high in fat. Consume large servings of red meat at each meal. Drink about forty ounces of Gatorade or another type of drink that contains electrolytes. Try to urinate a few times before the test. When you take the test, urinate a little in the toilet, and then urinate two or three ounces worth in the cup.

Studies have proven that over eighty percent of THC metabolites are eliminated through the stool. If you’re frequently constipated the metabolites can get reabsorbed through the intestines, making their way back to the fat cells. When a person switches to a high fat diet that consists mainly of red meat it allows for more dilution and increases the creatine levels. The stored fat tells the body to begin saving fat cells again for three or four days so that the metabolites won’t enter the kidneys and pass into the urine. The reason behind urinating in the test cup midstream is because the first and last of your urine is always the dirtiest, so only use midstream urine in the specimen cup.

Marijuana withdrawal can be especially uncomfortable for chronic users, but there usually isn’t a need for hospitalization. A supervised detox in a medical facility is recommended for patients who have mental disorders, individuals who lack a stable environment in which to detox or for people who have made several attempts to detox with no success.

Promethazine or metoclopramide can help patients who experience vomiting or nausea. Prescribed anti-anxiety medication can help to reduce stress and prevent panic attacks that can often occur during a detox. Muscle pain or headaches can be managed with ibuprofen or acetaminophen. It’s important to speak with your doctor regarding the best treatment options for withdrawal symptoms associated with marijuana detox kits.